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    Open High Ceiling

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    Two Modern Homes code “Grey Calming Effect ” .

    A home is a reflection of the occupant’s personality. Even in a rental space, the furniture, textiles, and lights are choices that make a difference in how the space...

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    Small Spaces: 3 Homes Under 50 Square Meters

    To decorate a small space home the path you need to take is to simplify everything 1. Light colors – 2. Clean lines – 3. Minimal décor . With...

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    ” Blacks and gray Sophistication “

    “Sophistication into your home”. When we think of blacks and grays, they can feel damp, cold, and unwelcoming, but in the hands of the right designer, they are anything...

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    Creative – Rustic plus Retro Geometric Features .

    The home featured in this post, from visualizer Plasterlina includes rustic elements like lots of wood and cozy furnishings but also has the modern appeal of geometric, almost retro...

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