Avra Beverly Hills 1

The creation I made is for the patio of Avra’s at Beverly Hills , let’s see this BIO CLIMATIC pergola .

The rotating louvers create a robust and adjustable (0-135°) shutter structure, protecting from sun radiation, regulating brightness and allowing natural ventilation. The sealed louvers can resist high wind loads and protect from heavy rain .

Thanks to the bioclimatic design philosophy, essential parts can be additionally integrated extending your indoor space and creating a new living room to be used all year round.

/ Additional shading, either with special rolling fabric screens or with aluminium sliding shutters.

/ Integrated glass partition system creating pleasant spaces, full of daylight and controlled temperature conditions.

/ LED stripes applied on transoms and louvers, providing sufficient and stylish lighting at night.

/ Infra-red heating, as well as sound devices transform the place into a comfortable lounge.

Interior – exterior designer

Stavros Solakakis