Mexikanos coffee roasters, Patras, Greece

Project: “Mexikanos coffee roasters”


Our company was entrusted, by the team of #mexikanos_coffeeroasters, to design and take over the construction of their second coffee shop, trusting us for their brand expansion.

The design approach was inspired by what the logo “Mexikanos” represents, that means it is directly related to the country of Mexico, one of the biggest coffee production countries. Therefore, the dominant color of the interior and exterior space is, of course, the warm brown color and its different shades, from darker to lighter brown reminding the colors of the grapes of coffee trees, combined with patterns on tiles and wallpapers that are inspired by the traditional Mexican costumes, the hidden lighting and the clean lines, making the atmosphere that way, warm and welcoming.


Interior – Exterior Designer

Stavros Solakakis